If you haven’t yet found a reason to go solar, now could be your chance. Within the next month, there will be a decision through the Federal Trade Commission whether or not to raise the price of solar panels as high as 40%, causing the demand for solar panels to be higher. Customers who currently have their panels or soon to have them installed will have no problems but customers who are still on the fence and have not talked to a solar professional will be affected by the increase.
The raise in price of panels is not definite, but there’s a very good possibility that it will happen which makes it a priority for interested customers.
Scalo Solar Residential Division Manager Phil Long said, “With the possibility prices increasing, now is really the time to consider going solar.
“If they do go up, there may be a shortage of panels while the decision is being made,” he continued.
Solar panel manufactures with headquarters overseas have saturated the US market making it difficult for US based companies to compete therefore US manufactures Solar World and Suniva are lobbying to impose a tariff tax which will drive up the cost of solar panels along with rising demands. The International Trade Commission will be meeting to make a decision on the proposed tariff tax on September 22, 2017. At the moment, prices will stay the same, but there will be a higher demand to purchase those panels through distributors, potentially making it harder for companies to have access to them before the prices go up.
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