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Who We Are

We are more than an EPCWe are an EPCD.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Developer.

Since 2010, we’ve been helping residential, commercial, and industrial properties gain their energy independence using our expertise in PV design, construction, yield analysis, tax models, and financial engineering.

We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with an office in Columbus, Ohio.

Why Choose Scalo?

We Know Roofing & Construction.

As a part of the Scalo Companies, Scalo Solar provides tremendous expertise and strategic resources for the roofing and sheet metal-related needs required by PV solar installations.

Sole Accountability At Every Step.

We can install both your roof and solar array so you won’t have to communicate between multiple contractors. Plus, with our Private Letter Ruling, we can consider your roof as an energy-generating property and optimize your tax incentive.

A Legacy of Success.

The family-owned Scalo Companies was started in 1956 in Pittsburgh, PA, and has operated a full-staff office in central Ohio since 2000.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide the best possible value to our customers. To maintain the highest ethical standards with each of our customers, employees, and communities through superior financial performance and long-term growth.

Our Vision

To help businesses, homeowners, institutions, and non-profits take ownership of their energy future.

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Why a Roofer Should Install Your Solar

It Begins with the Roof.

Since Scalo Solar’s roots are planted in the roofing industry, our customers can be assured that their roofing system is protected during installation and installed to meet manufacturer specifications.

Ensuring Roof Warranty.

Scalo Solar Solutions is experience in rooftop photovoltaic systems and will ensure that manufacturer warranties remain intact for their duration. Additionally, we are an approved applicator of all major low-slope and steep-slope roof systems and collaborate with roof manufacturers to ensure our clients’ questions are answered and their PV roof modifications are approved.

It’s About Peace of Mind.

We give building owners a peace of mind that your roof is cared for and treated as an integral part of the photovoltaic system.


Thanks to federal tax credits, fluctuating utility bills, and an economic focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG),  going solar for your home or business has never been more attractive.

Estimate Your Savings

With just an address, we can estimate your candidacy for a solar system for your home or business. Speak with a solar representative to get started to see if solar is a viable option for your property.

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