On August 11, the Scalo Companies were featured on KDKA TV News for a specific story on Scalo Solar Solutions, a residential and commercial solar division of the Scalo Companies.

The news story featured Mike Carnahan, General Manager for Scalo Solar Solutions and Jim Scalo, President and CEO of Burns and Scalo Real Estate. Mike spoke about the benefits of solar energy to not only power an office building, but to also power a home.

One myth that was debunked was that it isn’t sunny enough for solar power in Pittsburgh, which is not the case at all according to Mike. Generating solar energy doesn’t mean that it has to be super sunny or hot, and in some cases, and overcast day can do the trick.

Featured in the news story was the Burns and Scalo Real Estate building, the Bentley in Greentree. The Bentley features solar panels on the roof that absorb sunlight both from the top and the bottom. The white membrane roof reflects the light to solar panels on the underside as well, generating energy from both sides of the panels. Right now, the solar panels only account for about 10% of the building’s energy. The Squirrel Hill residence also featured has solar panels on their roof and claims that their bill has been cut down to next to nothing.

Check out the story here